What students think of London Student Housing Group in Manor House

London Student Housing Group provide safe and affordable student accommodation and housing in shared 5 and 6 bedroom  student houses in  Manor House N4. The feed back given by students and their parents in 2018  was very  positive and supported by a 100% deposit return rate for those students vacating in summer 2018.  

As a  group we now have a 100% deposit return rate record going back more than 15 years across student and corporate rentals.

So confident are we that our tenants will  respect our housing and pay their rent,  that  from August 2019, in almost every case, students renting from us  will not  have to pay any tenancy deposit at all. 

"I doubt we will ever again have someone so attentive, approachable professional and generous rent us a house"

"The standard of your accommodation has been  first class, and after seeing some of the properties that other students have to endure,I realise how lucky we have been. The whole proposition of an all inclusive package is brilliant, as is the quality and design of the rooms with WiFi and white boards. You tried to think of everything. Its all perfect for a busy student, as well as this you have always been  anxious to resolve any problems speedily. We are also happy to confirm that you didn't make any deductions from our deposit for cleaning or damages"

"Rob made the process of moving out of residential halls  and into  his house seamless, whilst ensuring that we were provided   with an incredibly well maintained property. So many of our friends had bad experiences with other landlords, but not once in three years  did we have such problems, Rob was  always  just a phone call away and would go above and beyond the duties required for being a landlord"

"Renting from Place Group  has been a great  experience that I would recommend to anyone.  From day 1 of agreeing our tenancy Rob has made everything the simplest and easiest process for us all.  When we moved in the house was spotless, if there was ever a minor problem we had,all we had to so was email Rob and he would be round to fix the problem before  you knew it . When it came to the end of  the tenancy, our deposit was returned in full without any hassle at all"

"Overall I'm very sad to be leaving this property and my landlord,  because I know i wont be getting another one like it"

"Renting from London Student Housing Group  has been an absolute pleasure. The house looked brand new and throughout our stay  they looked after us completely and went  far beyond the calling of a regular landlord"

"If there was ever a problem we knew all we had to do was  drop an email.... very sad to leave  as it is guaranteed  we are never going to have a landlord like this again..."

"Clearly  you have an understanding of students  and their  accommodation needs... clear  guidance and advice throughout the process .... attention to detail in the property itself....."

"A group of six of us from Guildhall rented from The London Student Group for two years. We could not have rented from anyone better: they were always honest, reliable and completely trustworthy. They absolutely always put the students renting from them first. Any issues we had were resolved in less than 24 hours and with complete professionalism. The standard of accommodation is extremely high; we felt safe and comfortable. It was our home"
"It is always possible to find accommodation in London but to find good accommodation is hard. But The London Student Group offers a high standard accommodation at affordable student prices: there is no catch or small print. All bills are included from Sky TV to gas and electric: no usage limits make worrying about paying bills a thing of the past. From our hugely positive experience you can trust The London Student Group. I highly recommended them. They returned our deposit in full; something they didn’t necessarily have to do in our case. We loved living in our house and confidently renting from a friendly and reliable landlord"
"You can be assured that everything is handled with for you, from simple things such as kitchen utensils being provided all the way up to dealing with more complex issues such as council tax or lost keys! They even provided us with free wine, beer, chocolate, milk and tea on our move in day!!"
"If what you are looking for is hassle free, a landlord you can 100% trust, a beautifully decorated home with furniture and all in a good location for a very good price you should not need to look any further. And lets face it when being a student there is nothing more you could ask for"
There is a very good reason why we renewed our contract: because we were happy and found our perfect home. We had no problems and because of that our group strongly recommends The London Student Group"
"Thank  your for having us this year  and  everything you did for us to make us feel comfortable"

"our deposit was returned in full despite the fact that on paper we almost certainly owed Rob the  deposit plus a whole lot more for some of the damage we caused. . . we cant  even start to thank him enough for respecting our honesty in always being up front when we messed up"

"you can see why Rob is landlord of the year, even when he is busy, if no one else can do it, he will come and sort your problems out himself which we really didn't expect from such a high profile landlord, even menial jobs like unblocking a toilet !" 

"Thank you for all your help and making our time memorable" 

"Thank you for everything you've done for us in the past two years- I know its highly unlikely that any of us will have future landlords who are as reliable, caring and  professional as you"

"Thank you for being such a fantastic landlord...we look forward to our last few months"

"We could not have chosen a better house or landlord. The house has very much become our home - that is how happy we are here. I am a strong believer of 'if it looks to good to be true... then it is', you can imagine that having seen Place Group properties that I was concerned what the catch was... well if there is a catch we are still yet to find it two years down the line. This is without doubt the exception to the rule !"

"Rob has been our main contact from the first day of looking at the property though to today. He has been absolutely outstanding, trustworthy and efficient. His standards and property are world class. I could sing Rob's praises for days on end. All you need to know is that you can trust him and he knows how to care for his property and students to the highest standard. He has made fantastic improvements since we singed the property (all for no extra charge) he installed Sky TV, put a sofa in the downstairs rooms, and made our home safer. Rest assured you will always be living in one of the best student houses in London if not the UK, as Rob always subtly makes improvements. This is only the tip of the iceberg! I recommend him without reservation !"

"The house is beautiful, when we arrived two years ago it was handed over to us promptly (in fact early) and in perfect condition. On the rare occasion something breaks down, Rob has always fixed it in under 24 hours (sometimes within the hour!) the level of service is quite amazing" 

"It never fails to amaze us how how quick you fix/sort all problems. Its outstanding. We are very grateful and feel very lucky to have found the  right landlord !"

"Thank  you  for the fantastic improvements. Without sounding overdramatic, we wish we could live here for ever ! The improvements are brilliant !"

"I know this will be said closer to the time of tenancy but it has been an absolute pleasure living here and being your tenants. We are all going to miss it very much. We are in love with the house; it has been a wonderful home to us all" 

"Our deposits were returned in full, early and without deductions... tenancy was managed in a considerate, helpful and professional manner from start to finish... no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone"

"We  wont forget what you did for us and its appreciated by all of us. It's been  like living in a luxury hotel without  the cost !  We don't know anyone that had a house and landlord like we did this year. Thanks for everything !" 

"I really liked having you as our landlord last year, my parents were also very happy with the service we got from you"

"Nothing has been a hassle living here (even complex council tax issues) all because Rob has calmly sorted them and taken the weight off our shoulders so we can focus on our studies" 

e feel that we could not be living in a better house, nor have a better landlord

"It has been a  pleasure renting from you, and I will definitely miss living in such an immaculately presented house (and the TV in my bedroom)!"

" a pretty easy going landlord .... you're pretty much left alone unless the house needs some kind of work doing"

"I had an excellent relationship with the landlord who has been  extremely efficient and responsive"

"Throughout my two years renting from you, you have always gone beyond what would be expected from a 'standard' landlord - From storing my possessions over the summer when I moved between two of your houses, to letting me move in early, without charging extra rent" 

"We all feel that you have been an excellent Landlord, and have exceeded everyone's expectations" 

"I would also like to thank you for being such a helpful and efficient Landlord for the last two years I have rented from you"

"As a student everyone is always concerned about landlords who are out to rip you off, deduct un-necessary damages or make them up. Truthfully we have had absolutely no problem with any of the above and I would be happy to continue as a tenant under their  management"

"If you have any queries or problems, even if its just changing the light bulbs or a group concern, you will always get a reply"

"Being a tenant  is pretty stress free, unlimited use really does mean unlimited use. There are no extra charges for use of internet or utilities"

"A pleasure to work with and was very attentive as a landlord. If any problems arose, very infrequently, they were resolved very quickly and with minimal inconvenience"

"I would, and have recommended their properties and service to friends and will continue to do so" 

"After informing of our intention to leave, they  remained as helpful as ever and made sure that there was a smooth transition to the next tenants. I would happily recommend  and offer assurances as to integrity as a landlord"

"Nothing but helpful in dealing with any problems that arose during the year. Always courteous when dealing with us personally and made sure that we were enjoying our time in the house" 

 would and have highly recommended Place Group UK to other students"

"always impressed with  professional conduct with all matters regarding the house. Very approachable and if we had any issues dealt with them efficiently"

"thank you for being such a great landlord.... it was your high level of communication and efficient conduct that made renting from you such a pleasant experience"

"I wish to thank you for returning my Deposit in full, and early in order to save delays in me finding a new property to rent" 

"brilliant with any minor problems we’ve had"

"understanding... allowing me to extend my lease free of charge for a further 10 days..."

"we will never find another landlord like you, thanks for being brilliant !!"

"yet again you’ve  gone beyond the call of duty... your advice has really assured me... a massive massive thank you"

"the house was immaculate"

"very impressed with the house and the standard to which it was presented" 

"the amazing standard of quality throughout the property and excellent service you have provided"

"any problems dealt with  very quickly and with as little disruption as possible"

"it's going to make every landlord from now on seem  unprofessional and substandard"

"I am completely satisfied  with the level of service provided"

"thank you for responding promptly to emails and concerns  and helping us sort out any problems we have had"

"the house is  decorated to a very high standard and we have all thorougherly enjoyed living here I would recommend you to anyone looking for a house in the future

xtremely efficient and professional conduct, quality residence and  correspondence and response to issues was always swift and effective"

"thank you for being a superb landlord, you are one of  a minority of trustful fair landlords"

"thank you for the prompt  return of the deposit in full, this is refreshing when compared to bad experiences at letting agencies"

"I feel considerable personal indebtedness for the way you have treated me"

"handled things with far greater fairness patience and integrity than at times it deserved"

"thank you for all your help over the past few years, it's been a positive experience"

"reassuring that things were honest and always above board at all times"

"a particular thank  you for the return of our deposits in full and early"

"thank you so much for everything,  for all the  time and money you've spent on the house"

"done so much more than we would ever have expected from a landlord"

"the house has been prepared amazingly, these guys are ace"

"worth the hurdles to get one of their houses"

"we will miss the total peace of mind this tenancy has brought us"

"I spent 8 years  at three houses, every one amazing, immaculately presented"

"the most sincere company Ive dealt with"

"we only saw the landlords about three times really but  they were always available and anything needed was just done, sometimes even before we got home, like when  we asked for an extra fridge"

"we all agree this was deffo the least bother we have ever had from a landlord or agent, most of our mates thought we owned the house we were so at home"

"really knowledgeable about  all rules which affect tenants, helped our friends with free legal advice, we were treated with real respect and  were buying a quality product and peace of mind with our rent money, not just somewhere to live"

"from the time we moved in to the time we   vacated we have never had such an easy life, the house was prepared  exactly as was agreed,  we broke  various things over the three years and expected to be charged, but they  arranged   for replacements  for free  without even checking if we were to blame"

"excellent and discrete about repairs and maintenance"

"the best landlords in Manor House"


Independent Assessment by Unipol Student Homes (Accreditation):
"The standard of maintenance and management at the premises was excellent and the landlord had a good relationship with the tenants...tenants present at the time of the inspection  were very satisfied with their accommodation and stated the landlord was very responsive to any of their requests...tenants interviewed were very satisfied with the standards of accommodation ("best I've ever had") and with the management of the property"

Independent Assessment for London University Housing Service Head Lease Scheme:
"A very professional owner and manager of these properties.  The information for tenants and attention to detail in all aspects the facilities and services  is excellent.  Health and Safety is given the highest priority.
rrangements for the design, equipping and on-going management of this property are excellent.  Much thought has been given to what is important to the tenants which results in very professional, customer-focussed services.  (emergency and routine maintenance, arrangements for lost keys,  well-designed storage, televisions in every room,  garden furniture, barbecue,  etc) The safety of the residents has been given top priority and out-of-hours support for emergencies is very comprehensive.

This is exceptional student accommodation for the level of rent charged"

Kidde Fyrnetics:
"A leading specialist student housing provider has demonstrated an exemplary approach to tenant safety by installing hard-wired smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, and exceeding local authority requirements"

Dash [Decent and Safe Homes] (Accreditation): 
"A good example of the  standards DASH is looking to its landlords to provide- Well Done !"

The London Student Group- LLAS UKLAP "Best Landlord of the Year for Student Housing 2012, 2013 and 2014"

First Landlord in London to be awarded Mayor's London Rental Standard May 2014

Shortlisted (Top 5):
Place Group UK LLAS UKLAP "Best Overall Landlord 2014" LLAS UKLAP  "Green Landlord 2014" 

The London Student Group- UK National Housing Awards "Specialist Landlord Of The Year  2013"  

London Student Housing Group are providing student housing and acommodation in Manor House and Haringey North London N4 and N15 in  luxury affordable and safe  5 and 6 bedroom houses  for  students at Birkbeck College, Camberwell College of Arts. Central St Martins College of Art & Design, Central School of Speech and Drama, Chelsea College of Art & Design, The College of Law, Courtauld Institute of Art, Goldsmiths College,  Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Heythrop College, Holborn College,  Imperial College,  Institute of Education,  Kings College,  Laban School of Dance,  London Business School, London College of Fashion, London College of Communication, Conservatoire of Dance and Drama, London Metropolitan University,  London School of Economics and Political Science,  London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,  London Southbank University,  Queen Mary University of London, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art,  Royal Academy of Music,  Royal College of Art,  Royal College of Music,  Royal Veterinary College,  St George's Hospital Medical School,  School of Advanced Studies,  School of Oriental and African Studies,  School of Pharmacy, University College London,  Royal Free Hospital,  School of Slavonic and East European Studies,  University of East London  and University of Westminster.

(Manor House,London)

Bedrooms: 5 AND 6





Luxury Student Houses all with 2 or 3 bathrooms/ shower rooms, and bedrooms with flat screen TVs and private washbasins from London Student Housing Group.

Sudents at University of London, City University, University of Westminster, London Metropolitan University and Middlesex University all rent student accommodation from us.

London Student Housing Group specialise in providing quality 5 and 6 bedroom houses to graduates, and student sharers from all colleges of the University of London (Kings College, University College, London School of Economics, Imperial, SOAS, ARTS) City University, University of Westminster, London Metropolitan University and Middlesex University, together with The College of Law and other academic institutions.

Students and graduates can now obtain their student housing accommodation lettings and rentals in Manor House Haringey and Finsbury Park direct from London’s best student landlord.

We are corporate members of both the Surveyors Ombudsman and Independent Housing Ombudsman Schemes and are also members of the National Landlords Association (NLA). We are an Accredited Landlord under the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) and are registered with the University of London Housing Service (ULHS), City, Westminster and London Metropolitan University.

Students benefit from all management, maintenance, paperwork and administration being undertaken in house and have the the backing of group resources, access to our London Head Office Reception in Hanover Square and 24 hour telephone and email support.

Our properties are all refurbished every 24 months and now offer main bathroom with at least one additional shower room (and up to three additional shower rooms in larger houses) at least two fridge freezers (and in many cases two washing machines/ washer dryers and either two ovens or a double oven) with each student having own bedroom with double bed, private washbasin, private flat screen tv, Category 6 wired (and wireless N) 50mb internet access, plus access to communal area with flat screen tv, and the benefit of our legendary "all bills inclusive package", offering completely unlimited and unmonitored use of electric, gas, water, heating, freeview tv, internet and landline telephone, with no further budgeting worries, no risk of disconnection and no paperwork to complete for all your utility services.

We aim to match the popular facilities of Unite Nido and Liberty with the benefit of living in your own house with your own friends and because we own and manage our own portfolio of properties and also co-operate with the two other key local private housing suppliers, larger groups of students and graduates can always be accommodated in houses near to each other and it is possible to accommodate groups of students and graduates as large as ten or fifteen in number in shared houses which meet all the relevant safety and planning requirements.

All houses are all within walking distance each other, the zone 2 tube station at Manor House and local shops and facilities. Manor House and Haringey are close to Finsbury Park, and are an established and popular student area, recommended by University of London Housing Services and ranked highly in the London Student Housing Guide. There is always great demand from students at Kings College, University College LSE and SOAS because of the direct Piccadilly Line tube link and direct bus route, and from students at London Metropolitan University Holloway Campus which is a short bus ride away. City University is also served by a direct 341 bus route as well as the tube.

Every house which is available from us has been designed and refurbished by us from scratch, and we can guarantee that for each and every site, quality and exceptional value are designed in by us, for you, from day one. Specifically, unlike most other landlords, all our houses are Housing Act 2004 compliant, meet the amenity standards set out in the legislation, and are managed in accordance with the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006.

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